How To Love A Crazy Girl

by rachelngruihsia

Thought Catalog


First and foremost, rid yourself of the idea that there is even such a thing as a “crazy girl.” There are emotionally unstable people, of course, and some of them are women. But the concept of “the crazy girl,” which has inarguably taken on a life of its own and been the basis for endless romcom tropes and dismissive rationalizations when you break a woman’s heart, (“I had to get out, she was crazy”) is one that has come to mean so much that it inevitably means so little. There is a difference between saying that someone has serious problems in communication or emoting, and writing them off as incurably crazy. If you have found yourself in love with what other, less nuanced observers might deem as “crazy,” it is best to remember how little that word really applies.

What is “crazy” — at least, the kind of crazy…

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