19 Ways Your First Love Changes You

by rachelngruihsia

Thought Catalog


1. You start to see yourself through someone else’s eyes, and are often wondering what you could do to be a better person to them.

2. Someone else’s schedule and needs become more important than your own, even if you know that they shouldn’t be.

3. You learn what you can and cannot tolerate in a relationship. (You also learn that you’ll be inclined to bend on these things if you really, really love the person — but that it’s a bad idea to do so.)

4. Someone becomes attractive to you for something much more than their body for the first time, and you realize that what they look like is the least important thing about them.

5. Everything starts to seem secondary to experiencing love with someone, even things that you used to be completely immersed in.

6. You catch yourself in raw, unfiltered moments that only…

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