random musings of a lazy law student with a passion for food and beautiful shoes

Have you lost the same things I have lost?
Do you know that panic I know?
Would I see the terror in your face?
Do you know that fever I know?

I wish time was still.
We’d stay right here,
With time to kill,
In our hearts without chains.

// we all miss you so much, i don’t know where you are, but i hope it’s beautiful.


have an exam on friday. am wholly unprepared. 

really need to get my priorities straight!

Left for the UK yesterday. 

Received an unexpected surprise at the airport, that tugged at my heartstrings and made me even more reluctant to head back.

Am currently pigging out on thai food in my room, all too familiar! 

i just need to get through the next few days of studying. in the week’s break before school, i’m going to calm down and sort through my thoughts. the past few weeks have been defining. need time to process everything and decide where to go from here. despite all this, i just wish april could come in a jiffy, and i can hold your hand again. 

for the past few weeks, i haven’t been able to sleep.

i sleep when the sun comes out, or i wake up at 4am.

this is tragic. i am a person who has always loved sleep.